“With less than a year of Maria’s help, my credit score went up 50 points. She helped me prioritize my spending and taught me how to cut back without feeling deprived.”
— E.M.

Happy Clients


Since Maria and I started working together, I’ve paid off ALL my credit card debt, cash flowed a vacation, bought all my Christmas presents without a thought and more. I am so confident in my personal finances now that I actually forget when pay day is. Maria has given me the tools to keep myself accountable and believe that I can achieve my financial goals. She has helped completely change my mindset around money and has helped me make MONEY MOVES. 

— V.G.

Knowing how money is such a stigma in many communities is part of what makes Maria such a gem. She had a plan that helped me see where my money was going, so that I could feel more comfortable saying no to things.

— C.M.

Maria was not only relatable but realistic. She knew when I needed to have a hard conversation with myself and worked me through some of the anxiety I had about facing my financial situation. I have started to budget and am tracking my spending for the first time in my life. I am on track to be completely debt free in a few months and I could not have done this without Maria’s wisdom, guidance, and accountability.

— C.G.

Maria is an absolutely amazing coach! She helped me come up with a budget that assisted me with purchasing my first home. With her guidance I was able to payoff a good portion of my debt while also saving enough for the closing fees. I was nervous about the monthly expenses and how I would make it work but Maria was with me every step of the way and I had months to prepare myself and do “test runs” of my budget so I basically acted as if I had already moved out. Thank you Maria you helped make a dream come true and I’m loving comfortably in my condo while still saving money! Next is paying off these student loans!!!!

— R.R.


Who would have thought a short conversation at a coffee shop, a few exchanges via text and implementing the methods provided by Modern Budget Curl, that I would see a light at the end of my debt. Since our interactions, I have a small start to my savings and continuing to build on it monthly. The amount of debt is slowly decreasing and I can see the ability for me to becoming debt free. Modern Budget Curl provides such straight-forward techniques with a humanitarian style of communication. I look forward to the day when I can finally say I'M #DEBTFREE!! Thank you Modern Budget Curl for your support and guidance to understanding my debt and choices in financial freedom.

— R.S.

I decided to get serious about budgeting when I lost my job and was scheduled to have major surgery. I had to move back home but luckily I found another job but still it was a huge transition. At that moment I realized I was not prepared at all for the obstacles life threw at me. So without hesitation I decided I needed a coach and I knew Maria Rosa was that Coach. During our first session she went over my bank statements from the months prior and asked me “do you think you make enough income to match your expenses”. I said “no”. To my surprise she said I not only had enough for my expenses but I had enough for extra! That’s when she taught me the biggest lesson. If you tell your money where it’s going you won’t wonder where it went. Since that day I’ve taken budgeting seriously and closed out 2 of my 10 student loans! I would recommend anyone who wants to get their life on track because she not only is a financial coach. But she is like that friend whose not afraid to tell you get it together!

— C.J.